Red Army.


I scored myself this pair of heel boots going at half-price from Charles & Keith today while wandering around Bugis Junction in the afternoon. The purchase was mainly fueled by my spontaneous desire to add yet another pair of shoes to my collection – heels in particular. For anyone who’s concerned in the least bit, I had just given the last presentation of my tertiary education that very same morning and was probably trying to find an artificial source of fulfillment. You can draw your own conclusions on how things in the morning went (I felt rather downtrodden if that’s a clue).




Anyway, Charles & Keith was the last of my considerations mainly because of its higher pricing of shoes these days, and after walking through a few cheaper alternatives, I decided to give the discount shelves at Charles & Keith a chance. This was the first pair that I saw. Well technically I instinctively reached for the black and gold version first. It had gold detailing and even a metallic gold heel. It seemed a bit much. Then I turned my attention to the red version which had a black heel, and decided to give that a try instead.

I asked for a size 40 (Euro), but the largest size still in stock was a 39. My shoe size borders on 39/40, so I thought ‘what the hey’ and gave them a chance. The fit was perfect, but I was still undecided on the colour. As much as my wardrobe is primarily black, I was (and still am) sure that the red and silver combination would limit the number of outfits I could wear the shoes with.

I finally decided that it would pay off to own such a unique pair of shoes in the future, and bought the damn things. I wore them almost immediately, and managed to stay blister-free in them for the rest of the night. Well, the side of my left little toe was slightly raw, and I did get a cramp in my right calf while trying to walk with proper posture, but apart from that, I would say that these shoes are surprisingly walking-friendly, contrary to beliefs (mine and others alike) that Charles & Keith shoes are bitches to feet.

I can’t wait for my next chance to wear them out again, although my boyfriend (whom I will refer to as Q) doesn’t quite like me, a 166cm (5’5″) girl, to wear such height-boosting footwear.

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