You Spin My Head Right Round.


The moment I walked into ThreeSixty Market Place at ION Orchard, I said to Q, “This is OCD land!!”

I mean, seriously. Look at the way all the products have been neatly arranged according to type, colour, and size. It’s like this throughout the whole store. Props to the people who pack the shelves.

I picked up a box of Twinings Earl Grey Tea because I’ve never actually tried earl grey in its “pure” form (so shoot me). I love me a cup of earl grey milk tea from Gong Cha as well as the lollipop earl grey tea latte from TeaDot, so I figured I would enjoy the tea sans milk too.


Nothing too special about the packaging. I guess they were going for ‘simple and effective’. I loved the whimsical designs on the wide range of Clipper organic teas, but I was disappointed to find that they didn’t have an earl grey blend. How strange. I would have chosen Clipper over Twinings based on packaging alone. I’m superficial like that sometimes. It didn’t hurt that their teas were organic and fair trade, too.

Ah well. I’m sure I’ll be visiting this supermarket again in the near future. (Did I mention they have shelves of Hediard stuff?)

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