Paradise On Earth.


Q and I went to Paradise Dynasty at ION Orchard yesterday to redeem our Groupon vouchers (we bought 2). After taking a queue number and wandering around for about 20 minutes (see previous post), we found ourselves seated in a very posh Shanghai-themed restaurant that hinted at expensive food. Don’t be fooled by its classy interior. The prices on the menu (which were subject to the usual 7% GST and 10% service charge) were surprisingly affordable! In addition to the XLBs (xiao long bao) that we had the Groupon vouchers for, we ordered soup, noodles and dessert. Very satisfying.We had the option of ordering a “long” (basket) of 10 same flavoured XLBs (xiao long bao), or a basket of their Signature Dynasty Dumplings, which only had 8 but all different flavours. We decided to be adventurous and order the Signature Dynasty Dumplings, one basket each. Those XLBs are really multi-coloured. The only so-called editing that I did was to apply an Instagram filter onto the photo I had taken (I think it was X-Pro II).

I can’t say I liked all 8 flavours. Some were definitely more interesting to the tongue, especially the sze chuan XLB. Q only realized after we were through with our XLBs that there was an order by which you consume the XLBs for maximum, uh, taste. It’s no surprise that sze chuan was the last on the “eat list” (see what I did there?).


I love my vinegar.

I highly recommend the sze chuan soup, which is nothing like the XLB. They have a red bean and banana soufflé dessert that is rather delightful to eat, too. We’ll probably go back there to try their other dishes, but probably not before we use our Groupon RamenPlay vouchers!

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