Back to Batu Pahat.

I just updated my LomoHome with some photos I developed earlier in the year. I also made a new LomoWall with some photos that I shot with my Blackbird, fly. while I was visiting relatives in Malaysia over the Chinese New Year period.

My father was born in Batu Pahat, which is a town in the state of Johor, Malaysia. He lived in a shophouse; the family business in aerated water operated out of the first floor office. My grandparents have both passed on, but my aunt continues to live there. We would visit my aunt (and grandma, when she was still around) a few times a year, and I never really liked the place because it was old and the street outside was smelly from the open drain (among other undesirable things), until I grew up and realized that this was as real as I could get to the past and my family’s history. It’s a little surreal to know that the old, rusty metal cash register sitting atop a pile of yellowed newspapers belongs to me (fine, technically my family), and the traditional shop sign with its Chinese characters is also ours. It is one thing to see glimpses of the past in photographs and descriptions, but to be able to cross the Causeway and experience it with all my senses is pretty damn awesome.

I wanted to shoot the series specifically in black and white and it was great timing when I finally loaded my only roll of Lucky SHD100 into my camera just before Chinese New Year. I like how the photos turned out, but there were a couple of underexposed shots of the shop’s interior because my flash wasn’t cooperating with my camera.

I would like to do another shoot the next time we visit, this time using my Diana F+ and assorted lenses coupled with the Ilford Delta 3200 120mm film that I just ordered.

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