Mother’s Day at Bunker Bar.Bistro.Restaurant

My family and I celebrated Mother’s Day at a (relatively) new restaurant near our house. It’s called Bunker Bar.Bistro.Restaurant and it opened about 2 months ago at the Johore Battery. Changi is really quite far off for most people, but the place is acceptably pleasant, and its location is a huge plus point for us since we actually live in the area. We went there previously to celebrate my dad’s birthday in early March, and my folks would mention every once in a while that we should go back there again.

Mother s Day at Bunker

We arrived at the restaurant at around 1pm, and it seemed that business had picked up ever since the last time we were there. Most of the tables had been taken up, and more patrons arrived after we did, too.

They were having a Mother’s Day Set Lunch promotion which my mum and I ordered, but the rest of my family (dad, sis and bro) was more keen on the steak that was available from the a la carte menu.

Mum and I started off with smoked duck salad with greens, walnuts and orange balsamic dressing.


Then we were served pumpkin soup with crabmeat (and some garlic bread on the side).


Here’s our main course – dory with champagne cream sauce and everyday vegetables.


And not forgetting dessert – German apple fritters with raspberry gelato.


Of course the names of each dish sounded a lot more appetizing in French, but I can’t remember them so this is as close to the original as I can get.

All in all, the entire set meal was just right. The portions served did not leave me feeling unfulfilled, and they had a good combination of flavours. It’s just a little short of spectacular though. I’m sure they’ll improve in time to come. They had steak knives this time round unlike the first time we visited (my dad and bro had to cut their steak with regular dining knives, if that’s even a proper term).

Parting shot: my folks standing in front of the Bunker sign.

Mother s Day at Bunker

Happy Mother’s Day, ma!

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