Noir et Blanc.


As I mentioned last week, I ordered 5 rolls of Ilford Delta Pro 3200 black and white 120 film to use with my Diana F+ camera. I’m planning to shoot Sixx at the OBEY Good Times 3rd Anniversary Party at BluJaz Café on the 20th of this month, but after googling around for the right settings to shoot at for the Diana, I’ve just managed to confuse myself further with terms and techniques like push processing, exposure index, and what have you. Apparently, shooting with a film that has an ISO rating of 3200 (and even then, people say its actual ISO rating is 1000 but it can be pushed to 3200 or 6400) isn’t as simple as putting it in a camera that has been calibrated for ISO400 film and shooting at the same settings without a flash (since it claims that it works well in low light settings).

Or maybe it is.

I’m deciding whether to shoot one roll before the event itself and have it developed to see what kind of results I get. But then again, this film (although discounted heavily) didn’t come cheap, so I might just take a risk instead.

Does anyone have any advice?

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