Q is back from Sydney tonight!! His flight got delayed (apparently QF31 is notorious for that according to another friend) so instead of the original arrival time of 22:30, he’s expected to land at 23:11 according to the iChangi iPhone app.

I’m typing this on my iPhone at Dôme Café which is at Terminal 1 while sipping a vanilla latte. They don’t serve decaf here and I’m definitely going to suffer the consequences of my order later tonight.


Their presentation is so classy. I love the holder that my glass came in.

I actually came to the airport with a secondary agenda. *shh* I’m a Body Shop Star Loyalty member (you have no idea how much money I’ve blown on Body Shop stuff in the past year) and they were having a pre-sale special for members like me. 30% off regular priced items from 11-15th May! I figured I would take the opportunity to buy the bronze baked eyeshadow that I’ve been meaning to get for quite some time now. 30% off is seriously a lot for The Body Shop!

I had gone to the store at Tampines Mall on my way back from NTU yesterday, but they were out of the shade I wanted, so I figured I could try my luck at the airport’s outlet. The iChangi app didn’t list The Body Shop, so I checked their website and found that it had moved from the 3rd floor of Terminal 3 to Basement 2. The moment I stepped into T3 from the bus terminal, there it was in all its green storefront glory. Take note, Body Shop fans!

I manage to snag the very last piece, but the whole baked chunk was loose from the pan. The shop assistant assured me that it would stay in one piece though. Not wanting to take any chances with other outlets (and because today is the 2nd last day for 30% off), I bought it anyway.


Here it is, against a black background that is my Vans clutch.

23:15 – Ooh Q’s flight has landed!

Last bit of info: if you hate the 7% GST imposed islandwide, shop at the airport!! Selected shops absorb the GST so you get a 7% discount on the retail price. Sweet huh? This means that I got my eyeshadow at not 30% off, but at thirty-seven-freakin-percent off! Booya.

Alright I’m off to find Q! Hope this helps you guys save money in future too. ;)


Ah darn. Haven’t finished my latte or read another page from Wired (I obviously hid Andy Samberg’s face with my clutch. Who’s Andy Samberg? Shame on you! He’s from The Lonely Island! I’m on a boat, motherf***er!!)

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