Q brought me to Itacho Sushi at ION Orchard today after he bought his Shinnorie iPad bag from Cumulus at Wheelock Place. We’ve been there once before, and the queue is always very long at dinnertime. So worth the wait (and money) though.


We ordered quite a variety of sushi, and also had a bowl of crab miso soup each. Picture time:


We sat at exact same counter seats as the last time. Look at all that raw fish! You get to watch the chefs prepare the sushi and they serve it to you directly.

SUSHI SPAM. Click to enlarge!

Clockwise from top left: mango lobster maki, salmon sashimi, yellowtail nigiri, spicy salmon & wasabi squid gunkan, spicy lobster & crab and seaweed tamago, grilled mackerel, grilled salmon nigiri (I forgot the actual name), surf clam nigiri.


More sushi. You can probably tell what all this is.


Crab miso soup! There were bits of salmon in there too. We couldn’t get much meat out of the crab legs though. So much for calling it ‘crab’ miso soup.

We were both so full after all that sushi. It’s not a good idea to eat here if you plan on eating a lot; the prices on the menu are usually for ONE piece only. For that price, you could probably get a plate of 2 at Sakae Sushi or something. But then again, the quality is definitely different. Q says this meal is to celebrate the end of school for me. Perfect. (:

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