Parting Shots.

Yesterday afternoon, I went around NTU taking photos of places and buildings that are of significance to me after studying here for 4 years.


Weapons of choice

The sky was rather overcast around 2:30pm when I set out to shoot. Thankfully, it only started raining long after – around 5pm. I’m hoping that the cloudy sky would prevent my film from being overexposed since it’s ISO3200 and I wasn’t exactly shooting in lowlight.



I took a couple of shots in hall before heading out to take the shuttle bus to school. I tried to squeeze in a shot of the School of Art, Design and Media before waiting for the bus, but I realized afterward that I had forgotten to remove the lens cap, AND I was one frame behind, which meant two of my hall shots are going to be a double exposure. Damn it.

Anyway, I went to school (the very longwindedly named Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information) then to NIE before heading back to ADM. I walked up the grass slope thinking that I could get a cool perspective from there, but the drainage by the side had to be so damn wide. I went all the way back down again and went for a wide angle shot instead. Meh.

I just shot my last frame. It’s of my room with all the bags on the floor and the curtains drawn. Then I realized that I forgot to set the focus. Sigh..I keep making stupid mistakes.

It feels so surreal that I’m leaving for good. 4 years have gone, and there goes my freedom and independence too. It sounds ironic but that’s my life for you.

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