Moving Words.

I wrote a bunch of random poetry today at the launch of Moving Words. Nick Chim needed a last minute sub for someone who was supposed to be writing there, and I was reluctantly available so that’s how things went down.

I’ve never written poetry for people in my life. I wasn’t a Literature student (I did horribly for both Lit and History in Secondary School but History was the lesser of 2 evils so I went with that instead) and I find it impossible to write songs to save my life. But I gave this gig a shot anyway since Nick really needed someone and I guess I was willing to try.

I expected to be writing poems around words that a member of the public chose, and write like the wind while the person waited in front of me.

What I didn’t expect was this:


A typewriter? Not pen and paper?

I had to switch typewriters halfway.


Typewriting wasn’t too bad once I got the hang of it. My alignment started to look a lot better and I made fewer typing mistakes (or learnt to deal with them quickly).

I also didn’t have to write with the person standing in front of me. It’s more like we were plugged in to something (Nick’s last minute stuff that he threw together in Logic), and just writing poems like, well, The Proletariat Poetry Factory. Which brings me to…

The last thing I didn’t expect.


When Darren handed this to me when I got to the venue, I thought he was kidding.

Oh well. It was quite a good experience! I wrote some shitty stuff, but I also got some funny verses out of other people’s funnier requests. I shall leave you with 2 prime examples:




“VODKA PUPPY”. Best request ever.

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