Orchard Café Buffet.

Went for a buffet dinner at Orchard Café last night with Q and his family (sans the brother who is serving the nation). They had a decent selection of food, and I didn’t think it was anything out of the ordinary until we discovered the “kitchen” where a chef prepared satay and, get this, drunken prawns! We were watching him scoop some live prawns into a large pot while waiting for our satay, but didn’t know what they were for. Well, mystery solved when the chef asked if we wanted some.



Cooked food.


Bunch of shellfish. That’s Tabasco sauce on the oyster, by the way.


Fast-melting ice-cream.


Durian pengat (kosong!)

It’s been ages since I went for a buffet meal. The best one I ever went to was Oscar’s at Conrad Hotel back in 2006 when I joined LGT Bank as a temporary receptionist (best holiday job ever).

And now, for what NOT to do at a buffet, I leave you with a video by Wong Fu Productions (featuring Harry Shum Jr.!)

[edit: the video’s been made private by Wong Fu. not sure why. here, watch this other short instead!]

[double edit: oh look, it’s back!]

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