Not quite the brand Chloé. I’m referring to these Chloe Trousers from Love, Bonito. I received them last Friday but forgot to blog about it here. I did tweet though.

Source: Love, Bonito.

I wasn’t really planning on getting a pair of cream coloured trousers. I was actually looking for a pair of black tapered trousers that would be suitable for work (I haven’t quite found a job yet, but it’s good to plan in advance, no?) but still look like a pair of black skinny jeans. I figured Uniqlo would’ve been my best bet, so I popped by their 313@Somerset outlet and tried on their Tapered Cropped Chino Trousers ($19.90. Introductory price, they said!). I tried them on in both black and cream cos there was this huge in-store poster of Charlize Theron in a cream coloured pair, matched with a white shirt. I recently bought their UV Cut 3/4 Sleeve Shirt and I thought it would make a classic combi.

Things didn’t work out between the chinos and me, though. I tried on both size 61 and 64 (they have strange sizing) but they fit really weird. No matter how I wore them, high-waisted or on the hips, the rise was just too..long. I felt like the zipper was between my thighs (it was that weird). They definitely didn’t fit like they did on Ms. Theron.

Lucky for me, Love, Bonito launched their collection a few days after my Uniqlo visit and had a similar pair of pants, but they were of a satin material instead. I decided to take a risk with these pants although they cost a bit more since 1) They looked like they fit well on the model, 2) They weren’t cropped (unless you cuff them as seen in the picture above).

I’m glad I gave them a shot. When they arrived in the mail, I tried them on immediately and was feeling all kinds of victorious. I went for the rose cream colour instead of the black in the end cos I thought I’d balance out my wardrobe first, which already contains two pairs of black wide-legged trousers.

On a non-trousers related note, I ordered a pair of black peep toe court shoes from ASOS cos, very simply, I don’t have a pair of black court shoes. All my black shoes are boots, boots and, you guessed it. Boots. Also, I ordered a backordered blouse from We Are Rubbish, but I have yet to receive it. I’m pretty certain their stock has arrived and I opted for registered mail (had lost mail the last time I ordered from them without opting for registered postage), but yeah. Where’s my blouse. I just emailed them to ask (politely) without bringing the previous issue up. We shall see, then.

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  1. […] Well, just the blouse and pants, but still. I’m waiting patiently for them to restock this top in white. I don’t quite like how the mother of pearl buttons look on this black one. It’s impossible to wear a necklace without having it look too busy what with the contrasting buttons and all. And these pants, you may remember from my previous rave about Love, Bonito. […]

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