Sticky Summer Lovin’.

I brought Q to the Sticky candy shop at The Central (Clarke Quay) a couple of days ago. Our conversation on MSN somehow shifted to the topic of this wonderful brand, and I was surprised that Q hadn’t heard of it before!

I first came across Sticky candies at the I Have Designs On You graduation event for SIM-RMIT’s Design students in July 2009. They made candies out of their hot pink mascot boy and gave them out in every goodie bag. They’ve been the swag of choice for many other events since then (it’s pretty evident from their Facebook photos. KATY PERRY! SERIOUSLY!).

If you’ve never heard of Sticky either, please watch this video: Chick vs. Dick: EP35 – The Candy Challenge



This is just a very small peek at their range.


I was torn between the red (strawberry) and pink (lychee) Love Hearts. I went for the pink instead.

Q was stoked when he found an I <3 ACJC sticky in the free candy jar at the counter.

Source: Q’s instagram


They make their candies at the shop for all to see!


This is Q’s cola candy. I failed for 2 consecutive days to pass it to him. Guess he’ll have to wait till the weekend.


My pink hearts!!



Most of the candies have a boiled candy outer and a special centre – it dissolves faster and looks like this after a while:



Get your own bag of candy here!

Sticky also makes customized candy for orders of 4kg (~$200). Paper Market stocks a tiny range of their candies at their stores too, if you can’t be arsed to head all the way to The Central (there’s Gong Cha there too, though!)

I can’t wait to go back there and try their other flavours (but not before I pass Q his cola candy!!)

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