Korean (sort of) Fever.

If you don’t know who those 2 girls are in the video above, WHERE ON YOUTUBE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL THIS WHILE??

They’re Jayesslee (Janice and Sonia Lee) and they’re a pair of Korean-Australian twins who sing and have videos on YouTube. Alright, a lot of people sing and post videos on YouTube, but what sets these sisters apart and makes them so popular?

  • They CAN sing and their harmonies are dead on
  • Sonia plays the guitar and sings at the same time WELL
  • That Aussie accent + Korean good looks
  • Fun personalities
  • They’re TWINS. C’mon!!

I’m sure a lot of guys can add a whole lot more to the list above, but that’s a simple summary for now.

Probably THE video that got them popular.

To watch all their singing videos, go to their main YouTube channel, Jayesslee (they just became YouTube partners!);

To stalk them in other aspects of their lives, go to the channel where that video above is from;

And finally, if you’re one of the lucky ones who managed to snag tickets to their showcase HERE,  in good not-so-ol’ Singapore, congratulations cos all the tickets were sold out within a week. Have fun at TAB!

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