Polished Tiger.

I finally received my China Glaze Crackle Glaze in Black Mesh in the mail today. I had ordered it with 5 other OPI and China Glaze polishes a few months ago when my school, WKWSCI, held a mass order to raise funds for the upcoming freshmen orientation camp. There were some issues that cropped up with the supplier and I actually received my other polishes in April, but this Crackle Glaze had only just arrived last week.

This is slightly irrelevant but the postman rang my doorbell just as I was watching this video, around the 10:33 mark.

How freaky is that!

Anyway, I eagerly signed for the package and opened it on my way back to my room. The bottle was intact because my lovely junior had wrapped it in a layer of bubble wrap, a few layers of packing paper, and mailed it in a Airpak envelope (an envelope lined with bubble wrap).

I couldn’t wait so I tested it out on my thumb nail:


CG Crackle Glaze in Black Mesh over Sally Hansen’s Xtreme Wear in First Blush (I just got this too but it’s a little goopy. It was probably old stock).

I don’t really have nail colours that really go with black very well, but then I remembered that I had a bottle of orange polish from The Face Shop that I had bought a year ago but never used. Orange + crackled black = TIGER STRIPES! I amaze myself sometimes.

So, I just painted my nail with two coats of the orange because it has a rather sheer formula (if you haven’t realized by now, I’m kind of typing in real time as I do my nails).


First coat, without and with flash


Second coat, without and with flash.

The next step would be to apply the Crackle Glaze! It goes on like a normal polish (almost looks a little like the matte polishes that I have), but then it starts to “crack”! I’m guessing there’s some kind of shrinking agent in there that makes the polish molecules pull apart from each other as they dry. Going all pseudo-chemist here.


Hm..that’s not quite what I expected, to be honest. I have a feeling that the OPI Black Shatter polish would perform a lot better (they just released more colours, too! There was only black at first). This China Glaze one has a thin, flimsy brush like all the others and I simply don’t like it. I knew OPI would have been a better choice. Maybe I’ll get the Silver Shatter, next. Ah well, I’m just going to go over everything with a top coat and see how it survives my 2 sets during Happy Hour at Acid Bar tomorrow night.

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