I’m currently loving Topshop’s Skin Tint which I bought last week. I don’t know if I can call it a tinted moisturizer, because there’s nothing on the packaging to suggest that it moisturizes. At the same time, its coverage is sheer – definitely not in the league of a foundation. So, what is it then? I guess they’re right in calling it ‘skin tint’. Yup, I just went in one big round.


That’s what she it said.

I originally intended to get The Body Shop’s Vitamin E tinted moisturizer, but apparently it’s been discontinued for a while. Unlucky me. Then I stumbled upon the make up shelf at Topshop (Knightsbridge) and saw it.


Lovely packaging, inside and out.

The ‘Light’ shade matches my skin perfectly, and it leaves my skin feeling soft and dewy, kind of like how my skin feels after I’ve applied The Body Shop’s Aloe Soothing Night Cream (even after I’ve “set” the thing with pressed powder). The only drawback to this is that my oily-by-nature skin becomes slightly greasy after a couple of hours, but nothing an oil blotter can’t fix.


It comes with a pump instead of a leaky hole so it’s no mess and no fuss. I was amazed.

I’d love to try out the rest of the Topshop make up range, especially after watching a bunch of YouTube videos reviewing the line. It also won (Singapore) Elle Magazine’s Best New Makeup Brand award, so it has to be of some standard. The prices are pretty sweet too. I got this Skin Tint at $23 plus a 10% discount thanks to Q’s membership card.


I’ll probably pick up their coral blush the next time I’m at Knightsbridge or ION Orchard (with Q of course). ;)

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