Haul #1: Lomography.com

Q and I ordered a bunch of stuff from Lomography.com last week because I had a bunch of expiring Piggy Points that I didn’t want to waste. I’ve evidently been a bit behind in my blogging because this post and the last should have been written last week. Anyway, here’s what we got:


We only intended to get some film (there was a 15% off 3 or more boxes of Lomography brand film!), but in order to use all 22 Piggies instead of the 11 we were allowed because our order was less than USD$50, we threw in a couple of small items as well. Literally a couple (=2).

Got the Lubitel 166+ keychain for Q since his Recesky is also a Twin-Lens Reflex camera (and he did think it was cute),


It comes in a film canister-size tin!


and ordered myself the Lomography Ambassador cotton bag with the Tokyo design. I think it’s the nicest of the lot. Not to mention that it’s super oriental and I love that (still want my two dragons on my forearms!!!!).



Here are the links to the stuff we ordered:

We both brought our cameras to work today. Or rather, I brought mine and texted him to do the same. His Recesky and my Diana Mini. Can’t wait to shoot something during lunch.

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