Sixx at IGNITE! Music Festival 2011

Self-explanatory. If you’ve not heard of Sixx, you should slap yourself and watch this video immediately.

Hi, I’m a link to the video. Please click me! (Sixx at IGNITE! Music Festival, 1st July 2011, Republic Polytechnic)

Sixx is the best (and probably the only) hip-hop band in Singapore, JB and some say Batam. Ok I made that last bit up, but hey, PCK reference. Keepin’ it local.

I swear I’m not biased just cause Q is in it (I think I may have mentioned this before).

‘Nuff said. Please watch the video. Although there were some technical difficulties during the set for the left half of the stage (hehe), the band played on, the energy was bursting through the roof (if there was a roof. this was an outdoor gig), and the crowd was craaaaazy. Loved the part where there were collective screams the moment Aarika started singing Lightlines, and Joe’s rockstar moment when he ran forward after the set to throw his drum sticks into the crowd. Mad props to Mark Albers who did sound that day, too. You know the sound is amazing when you can hear Timmy singing audibly, among other indicators. ;)

Let’s go, it’s time to get to the show. Hands up, Sixx signs, now get your hands up!

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