That’s How They Roll.

Saw a blog update from Mike Shinoda this morning saying that they had done a cover of Adele’s Rolling In The Deep for the iTunes Festival in London.

I finally watched the video during my lunch break, and it only goes to affirm my support for the band.

I admit that he’s a little pitchy and it does bother me, but at the same time, Chester proves yet again that he is not just a screamer in a rock band. His clean vocals are crystal clear and his range is simply insane.

Exhibit A: Linkin Park – Rolling In The Deep, LPU Summit

The first time they ever performed the song to an audience.

Exhibit B: Linkin Park – The Messenger, Live In Madrid

Exhibit C: Linkin Park – When They Come For Me, Saturday Night Live (5th February 2011)

The awesomeness comes at the end, around 4:43. The line that Chester is singing sounds like some sample on the CD version, but he’s actually the one singing it. When I first saw them perform this song, my mind was blown.

I absolutely must get tickets to watch them when they come to Singapore in September for the F1 Singapore Grand Prix. They’re performing on the third (and final) day!

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