Rose Gold.

Following my rave about Topshop’s Skin Tint, I headed back to the store about 2 weeks ago and picked up their cream blush in Neon Rose, which is a bright coral pink (more of pink, though).


It comes in the same cute packaging (butterfly not included).


The colour looks really bright here, but it’s barely visible after it’s been blended out.

I like it overall as it has a nice texture, gives a subtle glow, and isn’t garishly bright like how it looks like in the pan. This cost $13 and is a steal at that price, in my opinion.

I also got me their gel liner brush a couple of days ago. I chanced upon it on a whole rack full of make up brushes at the ION Orchard store, and decided to get it since 1) I don’t have a proper gel liner brush, 2) I have yet to find a cheap-ass thin paintbrush to double up as a liner brush, and 3) I’m getting kind of obsessed with Topshop Makeup.


Don’t be fooled by the width of the brush. It actually allows you to apply either a very fine or slightly thicker line in a single stroke depending on how you rotate the brush, and when I say ‘thicker’, it’s really not that thick. The brush hairs are nice and soft, but I guess I should wash them daily cos on Day 2 of using the brush, it felt a little stiffer than the first time I used it.

Another follow-up item that I got is Rubi nail polish. I headed back to the store 2 weeks ago as well and bought the Rose colour (like I said I would), and also decided to take a gamble with Taupe.


L-R: Gunmetal, Rose, Taupe.


2 coats of Rose. No pictures of Taupe, unfortunately. I’m still undecided about the colour even after using it for a couple of days.

The last bit of makeup that I bought in recent times is The Body Shop’s Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder in 01 Light Matte.


Love the compact’s colour.


The salesgirl recommended that I get 01 because even she (who’s dark-skinned) was using 01 and it showed up on her. In retrospect, it showed up on her skin more because it was lighter than she was. This shade kind of just disappears on my fair skin. I’d still say that it gives a slight hint of shading though.

That’s all the makeup haulage I’ve done for now. Maybe I should do one for clothes too. Been stocking up on office wear..

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