Painted Lady.

Look! A blog post! I have a backlog of stuff to write about again because I’m currently spending half of every weekday wracking my brains to write about stuff in order to make a living. By the time I get home, I’d rather read and watch content. Not create it.

I’ve been on kind of a nail polish trip the past couple of weeks. I know I’ve blogged about nail polish before, but I’ve never kept my nails consistently painted in one colour or the other for so many days in a long time.


Rubi’s Miami Coral nail polish. $2, bitchezz. The most flattering bright I’ve ever used.

That’s my 5th bottle of nail polish from Rubi. I’ve previously featured 3 bottles. The mysterious 4th one is a shade called..oh gosh. The label on the bottle is non-existent. It shall remain a mystery, then. It’s kind of a rosy silver colour, I can tell you that much. (edit: i just went to Rubi. it’s called Disco Ball)

I also went for a pedicure with my best-friend-since-primary-school 2 weeks ago.


The only time when I am not ashamed to put a picture of my ugly feet on the Interwebz. That’s OPI’s Big Apple Red, covered in a gazillion layers of Orly’s matte top coat.

I had such a hard time choosing a colour to go on my toes. I wanted it to be special since I was shelling out $30 for a classic pedicure, with an additional $8 for paraffin wax treatment (promotional price, mind you). I eventually went for matte red as I had been constantly thinking about image 3 of 5 in this article’s image gallery ever since I saw it. In an ideal situation, I would be getting that colour on my fingernails rather than my toenails, but I figured that toes would be a good way to test out the effect. Plus I don’t own a matte top coat.


Skin Food’s Byulsatang Nail in I-have-no-idea-what-shade. It’s the white/silver glitter one that dries rough.

Bored (and absolutely sian) after a rough (yes, I just used this word twice) day at work, and before going to Q’s house, AND totally inspired by this other nail look, I bought a bottle of glitter polish from Skin Food with the intention of piling on loads of top coat to get extra shine. That’s what I got, and I must say that I was quite pleased with the results.


OPI’s Bubble Bath.

And finally, the bottle of nail polish that I picked up over the weekend after visiting the *scape flea market with aforementioned best friend. There was a stall selling an array of OPI polishes at $10 each. Even the shatter polishes. I felt like a kid in Candyland. Unfortunately, I have yet to be paid for said writing job and had to hold myself back from blowing the rest of my savings on something as frivolous as nail polish. CHEAP OPI NAIL POLISH. They even had the Halloween collection. I just need Zom-body To Love!! Ok, bad Justin Bieber reference and pun. Anyway I chose Bubble Bath over Zom-body To Love because 1) I’m still in search of the perfect nude shade (I think this is it already!), and 2) I can’t live with having this shade of green on my nails more than once, especially if it’s not on Halloween. I don’t care if it glows in the dark.

I have to specially thank Q for offering to buy the bottle of polish for me. <3 But no thanks for asking if I wanted to pick up another bottle of shatter polish! Don’t encourage me!!

Anyway, yes. Bubble Bath. That picture above doesn’t do it justice. I snapped that pic right after going over the 2 coats with a layer of top coat. I’ll update this post with a shot in daylight tomorrow. If I remember. In any case, it’s basically a ‘my nails but better’ colour. It’s not even totally opaque after 2 coats.


[edit: here’s the better picture!]

So now I have a ‘my nails but better’ polish to complement my ‘my lips but better’ tinted lip balm from Burt’s Bees. This lip balm deserves a blog post of its own for being so darn awesome. Here are some pics in the meantime.


The tube comes in this chubby cardboard packaging!


SGD$15 from Sephora. Could I have gotten it for less in the US of A? Most definitely. But it was a good 15 bucks spent nonetheless.

[totally unrelated note: i have yet to do a review of Nicholas Chim’s new album Forgiefan. meanwhile, do take a listen online if you’ve time to spare. no, scratch that. LISTEN TO IT NOW!!!!]

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