I don’t normally pay attention to Facebook ads in the sidebar, but one particular one from BellaBox caught my eye.

It is exactly the same service that Americans get with Birchbox, and that the British get with GlossyBox. Of course I immediately clicked to find out more!

I signed up for the mailing list and cannot wait for 1st October when it finally opens for registration. They say that boxes are limited so I also followed them on Twitter to make sure that I don’t miss out. What do you expect? I can be kiasu sometimes.

Stay tuned for more updates about BellaBox! Provided I manage to get the October box.

Disclaimer: I was not paid by BellaBox to write this post. As I said, the ad caught my eye and I’m really excited about this.

If you’re still wondering why I’m so hyped up about it, read and watch the following. But please, don’t fight with me for registration!!



Zoella‘s review of the GlossyBox event, and what she received in the September GlossyBox.

3 Responses to “BellaBox.”
  1. Karimah says:

    Hey Lindsey, thanks for featuring us on your blog, really appreciate your support & spreading the word! Do look out for our exclusive invitation email tomorrow!! :)

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