I was browsing through the App Store in search of a decent photo collage app when I came across Pixlromatic. It’s somewhere in the Top Free Photo & Video category.

Yes. It’s free.

The description and screencaps looked decent enough so I decided to install it and see for myself.

Here are some of my own screencaps (click to enlarge):



Final product:

Pretty amazing huh? It’s got such a huge range of filters, lighting effects, and frames – kind of like a more customizable Instagram. I love it! Looking forward to pimping out more of my photos in future.

A bit about the photo…this was shot in Typo at Wisma Atria. They had this one lone hand manikin among a few full-body manikins on a shelf, and its hand was making the ASL sign for “I love you”. I decided to give the thumb a little tweak so that it formed the “devil horns” or what we now know today as the “metal” hand sign. Yes, people. Thumb out: I love you. Thumb in: IT’S TIME TO ROCK.

Off-topic: I just want to give a shout-out to the BellaBox team! Thanks for picking up on my blog post! Can’t wait for tomorrow. I’m going to be checking my email periodically. In fact, I should just switch push notifications on.

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