McQueen of Hearts.

My friend Aloysius posted this picture of a pair of McQueens on Instagram yesterday, and I was like, “cool!”

Later that night, he tweeted “Back from this wedding. It was fun and I touched my first every pair of McQueens. Bride has really nice shoes!” and then I was like “waitwait. she wore those McQueens for her wedding? awesome!!!!”

I did some sleuthing online with the keywords “mcqueen skull peeptoe grey snakeskin” and I think I have found them! Alexander McQueen Snakeskin Platform Skull Pump. On sale now!

How absolutely cool is that? Wearing a pair of shoes like that for your wedding. I don’t think I could get away with it.

Anyway. I might’ve mentioned a few times that Aloysius is a gig photographer, but *dingding* he’s also a wedding photographer who shoots for the company 39 East Photography. I first met him at a wedding show at Hotel Re! when some friends and I had a booth to promote our wedding band. The photographers from 39 East offered to help us take a “band photo” at their booth, and they even printed it out on the spot and handed one to each of us in nice envelopes. I noticed that one stack of namecards on the table bore the name ‘Aloysius Lim’, and I later overheard one photog asking another to take the picture for us cos he’s a ‘hotshot gig photographer’. As we were about to head back to our booth to pack up, I asked the guy if he was THE Aloysius Lim who had photographed Paramore in 2010 and he was so modest about it. Gosh.

By the way, he also shot Paramore in 2011.

But yes. If you’re looking for a photographer to shoot your wedding, do check out 39 East Photography and Aloysius. You can always find the link to his gig photography blog (Photo Pit Access) in my Blogroll, too.

On a related note, I also chanced upon the wedding album of a friend of some friends (whom I’ve met before), and it looked like it was held in a park (have doubts that it’s the Botanic Gardens) with a nice old stone archway. Even the wedding dinner was held there under a large marquee. So gorgeous! And the wedding “car” was an old school blue Volkswagon van. They should be featured in a wedding magazine or something.

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