I downloaded this Best Pano app on the same day that I got Pixlromatic. It was on “sale”, i.e. it was FREE until 2nd October.

Firstly I would like to apologize for not posting this earlier, because the app is back to its original price of USD$0.99 which is still cheap by any means, but had I written this post before 2nd Oct and had you read it in time, you would’ve lucked out and gotten this for ZERO cents.

I am truly sorry.

I will nonetheless review the app because I feel the need to justify the $0.99 price tag to those of you who missed out on their special offer, unless you have a jailbroken iPhone, and to that I say: Just download it already!!!!

Here’s a picture that I snapped from the 11th storey open garden (click to enlarge). I want to say “rooftop garden” but it’s not quite the roof yet. That’s another 13 floors up.

Not much of a view, actually. After 1 month and 6 days of working at this place, this is the first time I have seen the “spectacular view”. Of course that was sarcasm.

So I went downstairs after I knocked off to get a picture of Clarke Quay.

Nubbad. The part where the Clarke Quay words are is a little wonky though. I took this picture with the ‘Image’ mode and was trying to line up my next shot with the previous one but it looked like it was tilting downwards so I decided to compensate by tilting it the other way. Of course it screwed up that joint. But it still looks pretty good nonetheless. Would’ve appreciated a little less sunlight though.

I’ve also tried out the ‘Preview’ and ‘Video’ modes and they work fine too, although they did mention that you’ll get the best quality from ‘Image’ mode. I would recommend this if you don’t mind paying a little for a camera app. I wouldn’t say it’s absolutely essential though.

What do you guys think?

2 Responses to “Panoramania.”
  1. have you tried photosynth? its by microsoft and is excellent and free too!

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