Remembering Steve Jobs.

Dear Mr. Jobs,

You changed the way I felt about technology and your products made my life so much better. I know I’m not the only one who feels this way, judging from the flood of tweets and Facebook statuses that are in memory of you.

Not only have Apple products been lauded for their technology, everyone knows them for their style. Those ubiquitous white earphones, the (recently) sleek aluminium bodies, that glowing apple.

From my first Macbook, then came my iPod Classic and iPod Touch, my upgrade to a Macbook Pro, and finally, my iPhone. All these decisions to switch to Apple were not just me buying into your marketing genius, but a chance that I took, that your products were infinitely better than the crap I had used before.

I was right.

You were also an inspiration to the world. I’ve seen so many quotes posted up in the past few hours. This will remain a classic:

“After we’re gone, the spirit carries on.” That’s a line from one of my favourite Dream Theater songs. And I believe it to be true. Just look at what your friends and colleagues have put up on your website.

Rest in peace, Sir.

iSad ,

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