For Nixon.

To those who are in the know or are following me on Twitter, you’re probably aware that I’ve still not received my pay from my previous job and am rather broke. I did, however, get some dough from two gigs that I did last month and so I headed over to the *scape flea market to pick up more OPI nail polish for cheap.

I initially wanted to get OPI’s I Juggle…Men (fine iridescent glitter), and OPI’s What’s With The Cattitude? (baby blue), but I ended up getting the former and China Glaze’s For Audrey instead. I saw WWTC? last week, but it seemed to be the last bottle in the entire bin of nail polishes. The stall owner told me that the colour had been discontinued and I was a little gutted, but I looked at the China Glaze bin to my left and immediately saw a bottle of For Audrey.

For Audrey is supposedly China Glaze’s interpretation of the signature Tiffany&co blue colour (Audrey Hepburn, Breakfast At Tiffany’s, For Audrey, geddit?), but I’ve seen a couple of YouTube videos reviewing it and comparing it side by side with a Tiffany’s box, and I wouldn’t say that it’s an exact match for it although to be fair, the Tiffany blue is patented.

MissGlamorazzi aka Ingrid talking about Spring 2011 Nail Polish Trends. Skip to 5:18 for her thoughts on WWTC? and For Audrey.

Now here’s Carly Cristman’s review of Essence’s You Belong To Me at 2:33, and a swatch on her blog, which I think is a much better dupe for Tiffany blue. And it’s 99 cents. Where can I find this in Singapore!!

When I first saw people talking about For Audrey, I wasn’t too keen on the shade since it wasn’t a perfect match for Tiffany blue, but I still bought it anyway because it’s such a unique colour (and it was only $8). It was only after I showed it to Q and my other friends who were with me that I realized it’s a perfect match instead for…


HOLY CRAP! That is the Nixon Chromacoat ‘The Small Player’ in Seafoam that Q got me for our 1 year anniversary, and this nail polish is the exact same colour. No way in hell I’m letting this pass now! I’m so glad that WWTC? was sold out because I wouldn’t have looked at the China Glaze bin and found For Audrey instead. I wasn’t very obsessed with WWTC?, but it was a nice shade of blue and it had a cute name (come on. Cattitude?!).

Anyway, my left ring finger and right index finger are currently painted with For Audrey, and the rest of my nails are in my default shade, OPI Bubble Bath. I may paint everything blue and layer I Juggle…Men over in future.


Btw, this is I Juggle…Men. You can’t see the iridescence very well here, unfortunately. It has a gold/pink/purple sheen. Lovely!

2 Responses to “For Nixon.”
  1. Alissa says:

    Nice Post! I just got the Nixon Small Player watch for Christmas this year. I love it! BUT I was wondering if your chromacoat has started to wear? If so, can you share a picture of what it looks like? I love the sunkissed sea color (and your nail polish which I am going to buy) and am sad to hear that it is “designed” to chip off and show wear and tear. I was just curious of the “worn” look since I can’t seem to find any on the net. Thanks!

    • L. says:

      Hey Alissa! My chromacoat hasn’t quite worn off after 2 months of wear. I would say the outer coat is pretty lasting as long as you don’t abuse the watch too much. Mine has some chipping at the catch because I usually scratch it when I close my house gate.

      Here’s a picture:

      Happy new year! (:

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