Panoramania, Redux.

Remember my post about the Best Pano app? Well, my friend Alexis left me a comment saying that I should check out Microsoft’s app for panoramic photos. It’s called Photosynth, and it’s FREE. Always.

This app is really the bomb!! All you have to do is tap to start the phototaking process, and the app takes your first frame, you move your camera/phone and align the next frame with the end of the last, it takes the picture automatically, you move on to the next frame, rinse and repeat.

I didn’t get to try it out until last Monday as I was walking through the Padang (missed my stop and ended up on Connaught Drive) to City Hall to meet Q. I took an almost 360º panoramic picture of the area and although I cut off part of Swissôtel and didn’t manage to get the Esplanade in the frame, I’m loving how easy it is to use and honestly, just look at this picture:


Click to enlarge!

The only drawback is that you’ll have to crop the picture yourself to get a nice rectangular frame, but hey, I’m not complaining. Go download it for yourself! I think I’ll probably ditch Best Pano for this. Hohoho.

On a side note, do check out Alexis’s blog which has its own little spot in my blogroll. She writes about a whole bunch of topics too, from food to technology to fashion, and I especially dig her food reviews. Give us a break. We’re Singaporean!

One Response to “Panoramania, Redux.”
  1. woot woots thanks for the link up fellow Singaporean :P glad you’re enjoying the app! (and I also have the exact same nail polish you just bought, For Audrey, which is awesome!).

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