Spay Day 2011.

[27 Oct 2011, 2310hrs: Duke will now match 50% of your donations! Act now and donate! Click this link to find out how!]

No, I didn’t get lazy and forget about the featured image. What should I screen grab this time? (That was sarcasm).

Anyway, I want to bring your attention to Spay Day 2011. This is an annual initiative by the Cat Welfare Society that has been going on since 2006, and their goal is to sterilise 300 cats this year (for free). As it is, CWS members get discounts at participating vet clinics around Singapore when they bring community cats for sterilisation (you must allow their ears to be clipped), but Spay Day takes it a step further by setting aside one day for these cats to be sterilised for free (fyi, registration of cats this year is closed already). This removes a huge obstacle that might be holding people back from bringing their neighbourhood cats to get snipped. Paying for one cat may be alright, but having to sponsor 3 or more? That might be too heavy for some.

If you’re still not sure why sterilisation is such a big deal:

Sterilising cats, both male (neutering) and female (spaying) prevents them from having unwanted litters which increase the stray cat population. A litter of kittens is usually not just 1 or 2. It’s more like 3 or 4. Sure, you can go and cull these cats, but unless you wipe them out, they’re going to keep reproducing anyway. This doesn’t eliminate the problem at all.

Furthermore, cats that have not been sterilised go in heat periodically. This means that they’re in the mood for some kitty lovin’, and they will meow and yowl and spray their scent everywhere to attract a partner. This is what leads the uninformed to think that cats are smelly, noisy, and generally a nuisance.

TL;DR: The point is that sterilising not only keeps the cat population under control, but it also prevents cats from being territorial and “smelly”.

CWS needs donations for Spay Day, and if you’re not already familiar with everyone’s favourite office feline, Duke Orange, I suggest you check out this blog post by Duke, because Duke will match 20% of every donation by a Dukaki (Duke’s kaki) towards Spay Day 2011.

I’ve already made my donation, and I hope that you who are reading this blog will too. Last day for donations is 28th October!

Love & purrs,
L & the 3 (sterilised) rascals.


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