Maneki Neko.

I was at Action City (Bugis) on Saturday when I saw this lego lookalike called nanoblock. At first, Q and I just thought that it was a lego rip off, which it kind of is, but it’s way tinier and they had these little bubble packs that you can assemble to create cats, dogs, frogs, various birds, musical instruments, and this:


MANEKI NEKO!! We actually couldn’t find the maneki neko at the Bugis outlet, so we headed over to the Action City at 313@Somerset afterwards and found it there. You can totally tell that I was pretty determined to get my hands on it.


As you can see from the description on the back, the smallest part is a “mere 4x4x5mm”.


It comes with instructions and all the tiny parts in a few bags.

Here begins the assembly process:



It’s actually not difficult to assemble at all! The instructions are very clear, and they even give you extra pieces just in case you’re a klutz and lose a piece in some dark crevice of your room (I made that last part up).

I don’t think I’ll be buying the other pieces though. They’re cute, but not as unique as maneki neko! Even the label on the package was special; the usual labels are black but this one was red and gold!


My new work desk companion (:


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