On a very random Friday night, I chanced upon a Facebook ad for Squiryl and clicked because it was offering free Cornery popcorn to the first 200 people who downloaded the iPhone app.

I’m so glad that the bargain hunter in me clicked on the ad, cos this app is super cute, it has a cool concept, and ohmygosh just download it!

Ok so what’s the big fuss?

  • Firstly this app aims to digitize those loyalty cards taking up space in your wallet and make it super fun to collect points (known as “acorns”) and claim your loyalty benefits. You can even swap acorns with others to get the stuff you want, faster.
  • Secondly, the website was so well designed that I had to go to their Facebook page to double confirm that they were a Singapore-based start up.
  • Thirdly, the user interface (UI) is so freaking adorable that I just died.

Take a look at this screen grab from my phone:


Is that not breathtakingly CUTE?? They even have prancing acorns while the various pages load. I was so excited about the whole thing that I re-posted the link on Facebook and tweet-raved about it. What I didn’t expect was for the Squiryl team to pick up on my tweets and reply me. But hey, it happens right?

Anyway, I did head over to Cornery at ION Orchard to pick up the free popcorn on Saturday. Yeah I’m damn auntie, but I figured it would be a good snack to bring to the company BBQ I was going to attend afterwards (for the record, it was well-received). When I got to the shop, a guy in a Squiryl tee approached me to ask if I was interested in downloading this app since I had an i-device. I said that I already had it, and then another dude (also in a Squiryl tee) came up to tell me about the Cornery promotion. It was then that I asked if they were the developers, and they were like, “are you..Lyndsey??”

Ok, it was technically 2 co-founders, 1 business development guy, and 1 program developer.

So how the whole acorn collection and redemption thing works, is you tap on “Get Acorn” or “Use Token”, and a QR code pops up on your screen.


The participating merchant then uses his/her iPhone or iPod Touch with the Squiryl Merchant app and scans your QR code. That’s it, easy peasy! You’ll receive your acorn in a few seconds / be given the loyalty perk that you’re entitled to.

Here’s the acorn I got from buying another pack of Cornery popcorn yesterday:


I hope this app takes off. It’s a really cool idea mashed with a really attractive UI. Their current list of merchants also include The Little Dröm Store, Big O Café. Restaurant, Cumulus, istudio, MaggieMoo’s Ice Cream and Treatery.. A little squirrel told me that they’re in talks with more merchants, plus their next promotion will be taking place sometime next week!

Download the iPhone app here! You’ll love it too, I swear.

Additional reading: Penn-Olsen – Mobile App Squiryl Wants To Replace Loyalty Cards in Your Wallet

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