One More For The Road.

Made it to Wake Me Up Music’s farewell-going-out-with-a-bang gig, day 2; the day that would only happen once in a lifetime with bands that had previously said their final goodbyes.

Plainsunset / Pension State / Sky In Euphoria / My Squared Circle / Fishtank / Vertical Rush / Marchtwelve / Surreal

Here’s some lousy iPhoneography/videography to remember the night by:





Bossman John Chiong takes the mic to say a few words.


It got craaazy in there!

Video: Plainsunset – Find A Way (2 parts mashed into 1).


Pension State. The guys with that epic Ordinary 21 song.



Vertical Rush. “We are honoured to be Nick Chim’s backing band tonight.” Harhar funny, guys!


SURREAL. Omg it’s GORDON!!!!

Video: Surreal – Fingerpointing & The Proposal Song

These were the first few bands I listened to (some more than others) when I started getting into local music. Of course it’s all thanks to my brother who not only lent me his CDs, but also bought me the Surreal and Vertical Rush tees (which I cannot find. I am devastated).

I remember Baybeats 04 or was it 05. It was the first time I attended Baybeats and stupidly wore slippers into the moshpit for Surreal’s set. I was truly a gig-going noob back then as you can tell. My bloodied toes could have testified to that. I mean, I didn’t even know what a mosh pit was like…until the gig started. Good times.

I also remember going for Plainsunset’s (post-breakup-and-reunion) gig in 07 (or end 06?) at the now-defunct Gashaus…and the many Plainsunset gigs that followed. They’re definitely one of my all-time favourite bands and I’m glad they’re still around.

Truth be told, I never got to attend many WMUM gigs in the past cos I was too “young”. I hope I managed to make up for it yesterday. I mean, come on, my neck still hurts from all the headbanging! It felt really good to let loose and sing along to the songs I knew from years back (albeit not that many), and I’m pretty sure the bands could feel the love from everyone. “Wow, I’ve never seen so many people at a Vertical Rush gig before!” – Esmond.

If you missed out on the action this past weekend, there’s still the One More For The Road mix, free for download here.

“We’re dead on time and ready to rock, oh yeah! ORD LOH!”
-Pension State

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