2011 Roundup.

At first I was going to do a post on all the awesome things this past year, but my memory is terrible when it comes to periods of time, and I’m better off doing a review of some of the things I raved about in previous posts or….have not.

Super text-heavy. Here goes —


Best things ever:

1. Urban Decay Eye Primer Potion
What else can I say that hasn’t been said? No creasing, eye shadow stays put, easy to apply. I will definitely be buying the full-sized tube when I run out of my sample.

2.  MAC Studio Fix Concealer [edit: Studio Finish!! i don’t know why i said Fix]
Love the consistency. I’ve made a little dent in the centre of the pot already. It’s not too wet/sticky, and it blends well. Definitely worth the $30 I paid.

3. Topshop
I have spent so much money on Topshop clothing ever since I started my full time job. It’s really weird how I never managed to find stuff that appealed to me in the past, but now it’s like GIVE ME EVERYTHING. I love their basics. I can never have too many white/grey/black tanks and don’t even get me started on their jeans…

4. Love, Bonito
I’m sure everyone is familiar with this Singaporean blogshop-turned-online-retail-store? If not, follow this link here and go ahead, blow all your savings on their clothes (if they haven’t sold out already). The prices here are super affordable, and the quality is seriously damn, freaking, good. Best out there on the web (apart from ASOS, but that doesn’t count).

5. OPI Nail Polish
Who doesn’t love OPI right? I’m so glad I have found sources from whom I can buy them at $10 a bottle. Sally Hansen is horrible (plus that Diamond Shine Base & Top Coat is SHIT) compared to OPI, and to me, China Glaze has got nothing on it either. The only dud I got was Don’t Have A Tempura Tan-trum. I suspect it’s either a fake, or the Japanese collection it came out in has NON pro-wide brushes and super thick formulation. No matter. I have my Deborah Lippmann ‘Fashion’ polish to make up for it (another fave!).

Things that kind of live up to the hype:

1. Urban Decay Naked Palette
I thought I would get a lot of use out of this palette, and I do! But not all the colours. I realize that I don’t carry off super light colours and smoky greys/blacks very well, and that kind of renders the first and 2 last colours a bit useless. Nonetheless, it’s a good all-round palette. Maybe I actually will consider getting the Naked 2 Palette which contains more taupe-y shades.
By the way, the brush that comes with the original Naked Palette SUCKS. I feel like I’m jabbing my eyes every time the brush touches my lids.

2. Lush Fresh Face Mask (Cupcake)
I love the smell, I love how refreshing it feels (but only the moment it hits your skin), and my skin does feel nice after I rinse the mask off, but after going through the whole tub in 1 month (and I didn’t even manage to finish EVERYTHING despite slathering it on the day after it expired), I’m not going to repurchase this. Number 1, it only lasts for a month, and 2, I waste so much water just trying to get all the mud off my face that these 2 points alone don’t justify the benefits that come with the $21 price tag.

3. BellaBox
I love the concept, and it’s definitely a fun service to subscribe to. It’s like getting a surprise in the mail every month (that you paid for)! Thing is, I’m so lazy when it comes to skincare that I’ve barely used up the samples that came in October, and I’ve not even touched some samples that came in later boxes. I’ll probably give it another 2 months, spend my rewards points on one full-sized item, and call it a day with this service. Sorry ladies. ):


Places worth a second (or third, or…) visit:

1. Tab (442 Orchard Road, Orchard Hotel. Entrance is at street level right next to Delfi Orchard)
I’m really not being biased here when I say that I love the food at Tab. I know I’ve never really featured this place in a blog post, but it still deserves a mention. Western food made good. Definitely ask for the curry mayonnaise if you’re having their super thick and crispy-on-the-outside-soft-on-the-inside fries (a bit too hard at times, but still!). Only gripe is that the standard of their steak varies from night to night. Surefire hits include their fish and chips (beer battered!!), chicken parmigiana, bangers and mash, and I’ve never tried the salmon but a lot of people have ordered it. Comes with chickpea mash.
Just a PSA, they’re under renovation from now till after Chinese New Year. Check their website for updates!

2. Paradise Dynasty (ION Orchard Level 4)
If you ever made it to the first few posts of this blog, you’ll know I had a Groupon for the xiaolongbaos at this place. Since that XLB adventure with Q, we returned another time and I still enjoyed the food (hot and sour soup OMG), prices are reasonable, and the ambience is pretty cosy for a Chinese restaurant.

3. Santouka (Central or Cuppage Terrace. Take your pick)
RAMEN. Apart from instant noodles masquerading as Korean ramen at food courts, Ajisen (srsly) and RamenPlay (pretty good too), this is the only other place I’ve had ramen at, and it is GOOOOOD. I’ve not been to Ippudo or Nantsuttei, but I know that Santouka is up there on the list of food places to go to. Order the pork cheek ramen. You have been advised.

4. Itacho (ION Orchard B2 near the Wheelock exit, Plaza Singapura Level 2, Bugis Junction I’m not sure where)
Can you tell that I really love Japanese food? I’ve also blogged about Itacho before, and I just went to the PS outlet this past weekend for dinner. So damn good. It’s definitely on the pricier side, but a great place to give yourself a treat. No regrets.


Apps worth paying for:

1. iMaschine
I managed to get this when Native Instruments had their Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale. Best app purchase EVAHHHH. I’ve had fun playing around with it and making loops to sing over, and now I’m going to venture into making it part of my live set up. We shall see how that goes. Here are some covers that I recorded purely with iMaschine loops and recorded vocals.

Foster The People – Pumped Up Kicks
Kanye West/Kris Allen – Heartless

2.Wired Magazine

Ok so this isn’t really an “app” as much as it is a digital magazine, but you can only get it on the iPad, so. Anyway, I used to buy the print version of Wired, and the iPad version is way cooler. It has interactive/animated graphics on certain pages (even some ads) and videos to make the reading experience even richer. Digital subscription is way cheaper than buying the issues from Kinokuniya every month, too.

Apps you should download cos they’re FREE:

1. Instagram
Come on now. If you’re an iPhone user and you’re not on Instagram, it’s time to keep up. Even if you’re not an avid photographer, you’ll fall in love with how this app’s photo filters makes even the crappiest photo look amazing. I know that people are raving about the filters in Path (the improved version), but I’ll have to leave that to 2012 if it even happens.

2. 8tracks
Free music streamed through your phone. That’s not all. You can look through playlists that other people have created and there are some gems out there (like Sing-a-Longs that’ll give a Smile). You can also create your own playlists through the web version and share them with others. I’ve not made any yet, but I plan to. Soon.

3. Squiryl
I’m still waiting for the day that this “loyalty points” app makes it really big and I can say that I was one of its first 200 users (and blogged about it too). They definitely need to bump up the number of participating merchants, but for now it’s cool to get free tokens for Cornery popcorn and Frolick yoghurt as part of their promotional efforts. Love love LOVE the user interface. It’s gobsmackingly adorable. How can anything look so cute?!

I’m pretty sure I left out a bunch of other things from this list, so I may have to post a sequel. Chances are you’ll only see it in February (if ever. HA). Hope everyone’s first week of 2012 was good. I was super busy but it’s winding down. Hopefully there’ll be a few more posts up soon. Off to do the January header now!

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  1. Joanne says:

    Thanks for sharing your great finds and buys. Can you please send me a private note on your OPI sources? Thanks a bunch!

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