Search Terms, Part I.

I’ve decided to start a new mini-series of posts on my blog because some of the search terms people end up on my blog through are really too common (or too funny) not to mention.

First in this series:

love bonito / love bonito owners / where do love bonito get their clothes from / you get the idea
57 views, as of 20 Jan 2012. [this is excluding countless other searches for their actual clothing items]

All of the following information is available on the interwebz but since you’re landing here I might as well help you. I’m in no way affiliated to Love, Bonito, by the way.

The owners are Viola, Velda, and Rachel. Viola and Velda are sisters, Rachel is a very close friend of theirs.
They manufacture their own designs.
If you’re normal like me, you can follow their shop updates at @lovebonito.
If you’re some weird stalkerish fan of theirs, you can follow the girls on twitter @violaerin @belluspuera @ms_rach

To be continued….

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