Search Terms, Part II.

Second installment of the Search Terms Mini-Series! Let’s see what else you guys are searching for….

aarika lee
9 views, as of 20 Jan 2012. [edit: 10 views! missed out one for ‘aarika lee singer’]

Aarik is the singer of Sixx.
Again, if you’re a weird stalkerish fan you can follow her on twitter at @aarikalee
You can also order a bunch of cupcakes from her at Brown Sugar

But actually, it might be in your better interests to check the whole band out and follow them on twitter (@wearesixx) because your best chance of catching a glimpse of her is at a Sixx gig.
In fact, here’s an even better idea if you’re a weird stalkerish fan. Get her (and the whole band) on your iPhone case!! Get them from Society6, or check out the band’s whole range of merchandise. You SWFs can wear Aarik’s nan’s face on your t-shirt. Truth.

And while we’re at it, here’s a quick update on the band. They’re heading to Cannes, France for Midem 2012! It’s a music festival/conference/huge ass event and they’ll be playing on 29th Jan with a bunch of other local acts like Wicked Aura Batucada and Youth Wreck. Give them your support through Facebook and Twitter! \nm/

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