The sideways cross necklace that I ordered from an Etsy shop arrived today! I ordered it on 27th Feb and shipping only took 9 working days! That’s fast considering that the seller is in the USA, and it was sent via USPS First Class Mail (ergo, no tracking number and presumably takes a mother-long time to arrive).


I got it from here it you’re interested: Luluka. There are many variants of the necklace available, plus some other designs by the shop owner. This is the one I bought.

I know that the sideways cross is kind of passé already. I’m pretty sure it was popular a year ago? Maybe more…I’m not sure. However, I saw Kat Madamba wearing it in a style haul video last month and it looked very timeless:

Just to get this straight, Kat got her necklace from Classic Designs, whereas mine is from Luluka. I did check out Classic Designs first, but it seemed that they only had off-centre crosses and I didn’t want to deal with keeping the clasp off-centre if I wanted the cross to be in the middle. YouknowwhatImean? I ended up running a search on Etsy for other sellers of such designs and chanced upon Luluka. I think I paid more for this one, but it looked a lot better on the site to me.

Oh, and Nancy (the owner of Luluka) included a free silver polishing cloth with the necklace. How handy! I do have 2 other polishing cloths, but it was definitely a nice touch.

Can’t wait to wear this tomorrow!

In other news..I’m currently loving the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in the colour Rockstar. Contemplated blogging about it, but it’s really just a pencil liner in a deep metallic purple shade that almost looks black on the lids. It’s gorgeous up close so pics won’t do it justice, and I can’t demonstrate its amazing staying power through pictures so you’re just going to have to trust me on this and buy it (or swatch it at Sephora first like I did). What I will say is that it definitely smudges a little at the outer corners of my eyes after half a day of wear, but it’s not major like some other pencils I own. In fact, apart from that, it practically doesn’t budge. I’ve worn this through 2-3 hours of dance classes and it’s still there (and I don’t look like a raccoon). Plus it’s extremely soft (it lives up to the ‘glide-on’ in its name) so application is super quick, but the downside to that is you have to sharpen it very often and I hate that the pencil isn’t exactly wooden. I got soft flakes coming off it instead of wood shavings, and it took forever to sharpen, so MEH.

I’m probably going to get more in future, but having to pay $30 for a single pencil is pretty ridiculous. I actually got this one with my $40 Sephora voucher (the remaining $10 balance went to a nail buffer block) so it didn’t hurt at all.

Maybe this really should’ve been in a separate post.

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