Hello Henna, Part II.

Back with an update on the hair!

Here are some pictures (and an OOTD while I’m at it):



The Scarletroom blouse, Forever 21 harem pants, Nixon watch, ASOS ring, Pull and Bear ankle boots.


Deborah Lippmann’s Fashion nail polish, layered with Essie Luxe Effects polish in Shine of the Times.

Too bad these photos don’t do the colour justice. I really love the red cast it gives my hair, but it’s not very obvious in the bathroom light. I’m going to have to try and get a shot while I’m in the sunlight, and it was quite difficult today cos the sky was pretty much overcast in the morning. Will update this post tomorrow if I can.

Another thing to note is that your hair will definitely smell of masala or some kind of spice when it’s damp. It’s barely noticeable after I’ve blow-dried my hair, but after an hour of dance class, I had to tie my hair up to avoid hitting others with the um..smell. I hope this doesn’t last for too many days.



Love Bonito Zoey Skater Dress, ASOS Shades, sideways necklace from Luluka (etsy)

Here we are. A clearer picture!]

3 Responses to “Hello Henna, Part II.”
  1. joyyloh says:

    I like your pants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You’re tall and lanky so you look good. I just look like a bao

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