A Ro’s By Any Other Name.

I finally got my hands on Lush’s Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner today.

I first heard of it from MissGlamorazzi aka Ingrid’s March Favorites 2012 video and didn’t really think much of it since I don’t use body moisturizers…

It’s the first item she talks about.

But I was in Lush 2 weeks ago checking out their solid shampoos (again, thanks to Ingrid’s videos. She mentions the Seanik one in the same vid), and Q wanted to get something for his mum. The sales person recommended this Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner, and I recognized the name because of the video.

Okay. I, for one, really hate apply moisturizer to my body because it’s a lot of work! You’ve got to apply just the right amount to your whole body (and I’m not a small person, by any count), and if you apply too much or you’re using too thick a moisturizer, it gets sticky and I just hate the feeling.

So when the lady said it’s meant to be applied in the shower and washed off (guess I didn’t pay that much attention to Ingrid’s review), my ears kinda pricked like a cat hearing kibble being rattled (I’m kidding). No, but seriously. Moisturizer you can just rub on like shower gel and you don’t need to get an even layer cos you’ll just rinse it off anyway? I’M SOLD! Plus the scent was amaaaazing. I had to get a couple of whiffs in at the store.

I didn’t buy it there and then though. This thing costs $49.90!! Q bought a tub for his mum first (for mothers’ day) and said he’ll pass it to me if she says she won’t use it. The next day he said that his mum said she’ll use it, so….I went back last Friday to buy it but it was sold out! Le sigh!! The sales person got me to pay first and leave my number behind cos stocks were coming in that weekend. Sure enough, I got a call on Saturday but I could only pick it up today, a Monday.

Long-winded story. Anyway! Here are my first thoughts on this product:

1. The smell is a lot stronger outside of the store, as it is with any Lush product. It smelt faintly of roses there, but now that I’ve used it in the shower, I will tell you that it smells like extra sweet bandung (aka rose syrup/cordial) after you’ve applied it to your skin. It also leaves a faint scent of sweet bandung after you’re all nice and dry. It’s a good thing I’m a huge fan of bandung, and I’m beginning to actually like the smell of roses. If you’re not, I wouldn’t advise you to buy this.

2. Ingrid mentioned that this leaves an oily residue on your skin even after you’ve rinsed it off, etc, and I definitely felt that my skin was slightly sticky right after towel-drying myself, but it’s been about an hour since, and my skin feels nice and smooth and sliiightly more hydrated. Did I also mention that it smells nice?

3. This doesn’t really have much to do with the product itself, but see! The result of transporting Lush products over thousands of miles!


I wonder how many tubs were sacrificed on the shipment’s way here. I’ve seen and heard horror stories of people’s Lush packages getting destroyed in the shipping process, and hence I’m glad that we finally have a physical store here. Not entirely happy with the local pricing though.

I think I’ll be doing one more post on the Lush Squeaky Green solid shampoo and Veganese conditioner, but in case I don’t, just know that they are awesome and do wonderful things for your hair. ;)

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