Peter Katz.

I had the luck (and privilege) of catching Peter Katz‘s last set at this year’s Music Matters Live concert. He had played 4 other sets on the first 2 days of the conference. For this fifth one at the main stage, he came on right after Sixx and I don’t know how he felt then, but if I were him, I would be extremely stressed out having to entertain a crowd by myself, right after 9 people tore up the stage with 20 minutes of hiphop/r&b/rock/funk.


They are Sixx.

Here’s Peter from Canada.

Nonetheless, Peter managed to draw the crowd in with just an acoustic guitar (I think it was a J45) and a loop pedal. He had really great stage presence, and the songs he played were folksy and intense at the same time. He layered his vocals with the pedal for a couple of songs, and it worked really well; there’s always that risk of loop pedal overkill in a single set, but I think his was just right.

I was watching his set from the side and saw some people asking to take pictures with him after he came off stage, so I asked Q to help me snap one too.


Ultimate fangirl moment.

Peter also generously gave me one of his CDs after I asked how to get hold of his album. I’m currently chilling out at home listening to it.


Apart from the music (that you can check out here), I love the packaging and the fact that the liner notes have all the lyrics. Lyrics are always good.

So glad I decided to stay on at the main stage area after Sixx left to do their YouTube interview. I wouldn’t have gotten to meet Peter Katz and discover his awesome music otherwise. Googled his name while he was on stage and only found his MySpace, but you can actually also find him on Facebook and Twitter.

Hope to see you back in Singapore again, and in an air-conditioned venue for your sake! (:

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