Made By Maru.

A couple of weeks back, I had a major scare (well, major to me anyway) when I thought I had lost my interlocking ring from Accessorize. I was on my way to a women’s Zumba event and realized while waiting for the bus, that the ring was no longer looped with my hair tie which was looped around my phone. Don’t know if you get the idea, but basically it shouldn’t have been able to come loose. I was super perplexed on top of being sad.

I even went back to the Accessorize outlet at ION after the Zumba event to see if they still had it, but they didn’t. I probably bought that ring a year ago, so that was really pushing my luck.

Truly dejected now, I surfed around on Etsy to find a replacement and actually did find one that was 90% similar. I then needed another ring to figure out my correct size, so I got off my bed on the side that I don’t normally do, happened to look down at my floor while doing so, and there was my freaking ring. Thank God. Don’t even ask me how it got there.

Anyway, in the midst of all that surfing, I stumbled upon Made By Maru because of this twig ring, and almost passed it by since the ring wasn’t quite what I was looking for. But after I found my “lost” ring, I decided to have a browse around the shop and fell in love with the delicate necklaces designed by owner Stacy Haywood.

After a few days of contemplation, I ended up getting two necklaces for myself, plus another as a gift for a friend. I also threw in this silver baubles ring at the last minute because it totally reminded me of Mr. Kate’s rings from her Days of Ore collection (3 product links there btw), but at a much lower cost.

Cute little packaging!

Close to 3 weeks later, my order arrived and I couldn’t be happier with everything. That ring has joined the ranks of my everyday jewellery, and the silver necklace is a close second.

Above: Ahead of the Curve (Sterling Silver Bar Necklace) & Silver Baubles Ring;
Below: Tiny Gold Dot Necklace

Alongside my Accessorize ring. <3

I really highly recommend checking out Stacy’s shop. She’s really nice and generous (thanked her for my order, and she replied me with a discount code. girl, TAKE ALL MY MONEY!!), and I can’t wait to see what other designs she’s got in store. No pun intended.

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