Too Early To Be November.

I was in HMV last week with no intention of buying CDs. I only went cos Q wanted to look at the new releases and whatnot as usual.

After walking through the shelves, we came to a listening station near the T-shirts and Q picked up a CD and went “guess what genre they are?”. I said ‘indie’. Then he put the headphones on, said “yeah they’re pretty indie I guess, with the pianos and stuff”. So I took a listen for one second, but that was when the guitars kicked in and I was like, they sound like The Fire Fight. Took the headphones back again and listened a bit more and the rest is history. Kind of.

After I decided that I would buy the album (i’ll admit it was also because there’s ‘November’ in their band name, which is my birth month), I found Q checking out an album by Blood on the Dancefloor. I recalled that they were playing at Soundwave and checked the line up to confirm this. Then I saw it. Right above BOTD on the line up.

The Early November are going to play at Soundwave next year!!

Anyway, let me get to the review.

This album is The Early November’s third one, and I was surprised that I hadn’t heard of them before. Apparently they’ve been around since 1999. I actually do have their cover of Power of Love (Huey Lewis and the News) on the Punk Goes 80’s compilation. Whoops?

Excuse me while I admire this artwork.

I need to get the rest of their discography. There’s just something about them that I like so much. Their sound reminds me very much of The Fire Fight (whom I miss very much), Copeland (RIP too), and maybe a bit of Surreal (also RIP. wait. what is it with all these defunct bands?!!). Also, when Ace Enders’s voice goes a little raspy during the acoustic songs, he reminds me of a friend that I used to be close to.

I guess that’s just it isn’t it? The familiarity? Their lyrics do seem a little strange at times. Stuff like dementia, polar bears, and living in a digital age…but I can look past that.

Some of my favourite tracks off the album are:

  • Like A Kid
  • Close To You
  • Tell Me Why
  • Wearing A Tie

Basically, I’m hooked on this band and have been playing the album on repeat for the past 5 days. Not exaggerating at all.

Did I also mention that they started following me on Twitter yesterday? Follow them here: @theearlynov Granted they have almost 16k followers, and are following 13k people, but they followed me first. So there. *fangirls*

I can’t wait to see them live!!!!

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