Becoming A Cat Lady.

I recently picked up crochet again just because I observed a church friend making a beret for herself a few weeks ago. I learnt how to do it while I was in primary school, but didn’t have the patience to actually complete anything functional. My best friend Cheryl was a lot more perseverant (our school’s motto was Perseverance, Thrift, Honesty, and Respect. just saying) and she made a large white-and-purple striped tote bag for herself.

Anyway, I decided that I would try again since I’m now older and might grasp something like this a lot better.

I couldn’t find my 2 old crochet hooks (though I’m sure they’re still lying around somewhere), so my impatient self decided to heck it and buy a new one. Had originally wanted to go to Eastpoint at Simei which is where Mum’s Craft, the shop that Cheryl and I went to years ago, is. Or was. I have no idea. Decided not to risk it, and went to Spotlight instead.

Picked up a “beginner’s pack” from Boye that contained a size G hook and a pocket guide, and a ball of grey yarn.

Buying yarn isn’t as easy as you think. There are so many different brands, different types within a brand, and the thickness of the yarn goes with a certain hook size, etc etc etc. Eventually went with this:

I started my crochet project last Sunday, so it’s been exactly 1 week since. I’m glad to say that I’m still at it, and I’ve made considerable progress, bearing in mind that the only time I get to crochet is on public transport to and from work, and for about an hour before I go to bed.


Used the double crochet stitch, only because the instruction book said that it’s a taller stitch and I wanted to take the easy way out. I’ve since realized that it is NOT faster.

Monday, 3 Sept.

Sunday, 9 Sept.

I’m supposedly making a simple tote bag, but every now and again I feel like stopping and turning this into an oversized clutch instead. Decisions, decisions. Also, now that I’ve gotten into the whole obsession over crocheting, I ordered 2 crochet books from this awesome online bookstore (more on that in another post), again, thanks to above-mentioned church friend who showed me her Crocheted Softies book yesterday. Decided to buy the same book she has because the animals are super adorable (and there’s even an alien and microbes), and threw in a book on crochet flowers because I could possibly be enterprising. Maybe.

With all that said, I must admit that I’m on my way to becoming a stereotypical cat lady. The kind who’s unmarried, mad about cats, and knits all day. The last thing I’ve yet to do is carry cat treats in my bag, something that I’ve always meant to do. Oh well. Let me end off this post by sharing some silly pictures of my cats.


Perfect representation of their personalities.

Ten-ten. Like a fluffy white dream (only when she’s fresh from a bath).

Ah Bee. Terrorist-rascal extraordinaire.

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