Two Years: A Boy and a Cat.

I don’t normally write sentimental, mushy stuff like this (because I’m one of those detach-self-from-feelings-in-public types of people), but 2 years with these 2 — a boy (not really a boy anymore lah) and a cat, that should count for something.

Also, I’m sorry Q. You have to share a post with my cat. <3 you both. HEE.

The boy

Yesterday, I saw a bouquet of flowers (and a box) on my desk at work after I came out of a meeting.

Confused, I said to my colleague that the receptionist probably put it on the wrong table cos…don’t even ask me what I said it. Q is in LA at the moment and…yeah. Q is in LA. (plus, gifts from Q are almost always edible/techy/musical)

When I got to my desk, it hit me that the flowers were from Q. What a sweet surprise! Probably the only highlight of my day at work. Oh yeah and there was a vase in the box and a sachet of “flower food” attached to the bouquet. Can’t wait to bring the whole thing home and watch the lilies bloom.

Anyway, enough said. Here are the flowers!! (no. i will not post pictures of us.)

The cat

2 years ago, on 10th October 2010, less than 24 hours after Q asked me to uhm..”go out with him”, the family got another cat.

No prizes for guessing why Ten-ten is called Ten-ten.

She was supposedly an “albino kitten”, and we adopted her from a very well-liked, young politician (who was still very much an unknown at the time) who rescued her from some HDB void deck. My coursemate was interning at the company she was working at (at the time), and tipped me off about the cat after she had tweeted about it.

Anyway, after we brought the cat home, we realized that she was actually an old cat of about 5 years old, was NOT supposed to be brown from the shoulders down (the vet said “she’s actually a white cat!!”), and had not even been spayed yet (if you need a good alternative reason to sterilize your cats, it’s the smell. THE SMELL WHEN THEY’RE IN HEAT!!). One of her teeth broke while the vet’s assistant was cleaning them cos she was so malnourished.

2 years on, she’s more or less clean, fat, fluffy, and the running joke is that she got put up for adoption cos she’s white. GEDDIT? GEDDIT?!?


Favouritest picture of her evarrrrr.



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