Wash Your Brushes.

I’m really bad when it comes to cleaning my make-up brushes. I have so few to alternate between, hence I tend to be reluctant (or lazy) to deep clean or even spot clean my brushes between uses because I’m worried that they won’t dry overnight.

Today, I decided to finally clean them again. It’s been more than a month since their last wash. In fact, I’ve not even cleaned the Sigma ones since I got them. Pretty gross when you think about the amount of build-up and bacteria that’s been sitting on the bristles for ages and getting onto your face each time. It’s even worse when you own brushes with white tips, because it makes it so damn obvious that your brush is dirty.

I’m not going to show you how I clean my brushes because there are lots of tutorials on YouTube, and I use pretty much the same method and whatever shampoo that’s in my bathroom. For your convenience though, here’s one by Amarixe aka Allison:

So here are my brushes before:

Pictured below is the elf studio flat top powder brush and all the leftover mineral powder goodness coming out of it *cough*. It’s black so it doesn’t look very dirty in the picture above, but below you can see that it actually has quite a bit of build-up (and this was after i had rinsed my sink once already).

For an even clearer comparison, here is the Sigma F30 large powder brush before and after:

Finally, all clean!

Top to bottom: elf studio powder brush, Sigma F30 large powder brush, Sigma F40 large angled contour brush, The Body Shop blush brush, Coastal Scents blending brush, elf eyeshadow brush, elf eyeliner brush, Sigma E30 pencil brush.

And that’s about it! This was pretty much a PSA to all to clean your make-up brushes. They’re not as clean as you think!

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