What’s In My Bag #1.

For the longest time ever, I thought that the Longchamp Le Pliage bags were pretty ugly and too common. Everyone and their mother had at least one, and I vowed to never own one cos it was too mainstream and just..not nice!

However, my opinion changed after seeing Carly Cristman‘s ‘What’s In My Bag’ video:

She called it the mini-van of bags, and for that 8 minutes, I felt like maybe I should get one since I always carry an indecent amount of stuff around and my bags always seem to fall apart after a while.

When Q went to Europe/US in Sept/Oct, I gave him the task of finding me a large, black Le Pliage during his transit in Paris and he finally managed to snag it on the return leg. It’s probably the best bag I’ve ever owned in terms of functionality and durability. Looks aside, it has never failed to impress me with how much I can stuff inside, and still not feel heavy when carried on my shoulder.

Words probably can’t explain it well enough, so here’s evidence. My bag from today’s church service+dance rehearsal:

20121229-173115.jpg 20121229-173128.jpg 20121229-182605.jpg

Mind you, a lot of those things are bulky and/or heavy, e.g. the bloody iPad, Lomo cameras, wallet, CLOTHES (i had jeans in there), but when I carried the whole bag, it felt manageable on my shoulder unlike my previous bag where just the iPad alone was enough to kill me.

All in all, I would recommend this bag to anyone who carries a shit ton of stuff around like I do, and doesn’t like high maintenance bags. This one even folds up into a little rectangle (with the handles sticking out, duh), but I’ve never had a chance to fold it up cos I use it every day.

With regards to how it looks, well, I gotta say that it has grown on me a little, and I like the whole black+brown combi.

Ok fine. I actually call it the ‘crocs of bags‘.

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