More Notes on DIY Ombré.

What I learnt after re-bleaching my hair on Saturday 27 July, exactly 3 months after the last round.


oh by the way, this was the state of things on 5 June. i actually like this look the best.

1. If you’re going to section your hair off into 4 parts like I did, remember that the front sections will end up looking like they’re dyed much higher than the back portion if you apply bleach to the same length of hair on each section. Make sense? Of course it does.

2. Purple shampoo is really just meant for toning blonde/grey hair ever so slightly to get out the brassiness. It is NOT for toning the orange monstrosity at the end of your mane. Use a proper toner for that.

3. If you have naturally dark hair like I do, don’t bank on getting incredibly pale blonde hair even after bleaching it twice. Of course your mileage may vary depending on how long you leave the bleach in your hair each time, but I would advise against leaving it for a full 20 minutes after complete application unless you want to risk hair damage, as if it’s not damaging enough in itself. I probably took 5 minutes to work the bleach through each section, and left it in (with foil) for another 10.

4. Have a shit ton of good quality hair masks, hair oils, and leave-in conditioners on hand. I cannot stress how important it is to do damage control after you’ve basically ruined the ends of your hair in the name of vanity. That being said, my ends are still not very damaged after 2 rounds of bleaching (had to bleach the tips a second time to get the ombré effect. still not very apparent for me). I think it has to do with the bleach I used, which was, again, the Gatsby Ex Hi-Bleach.

I hope you found these notes useful and don’t make the same mistakes as me (or i’d like to think of them as uninformed decisions).

I on the other hand, will have to continue trying to salvage my ends with purple shampoo for the next few days.

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  1. […] I decided to get off my procrastinating arse and redo the colour in my already abused hair. Since the last update, I had rebleached it at the end of July to get the green remnants out and even toned it with silver […]

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