Letter from my Future Self.

hey Lyndsey,

how’s it going? if I knew you any better (which I obviously do) you’d just shrug, give a strained expression on your face, and say, “ok, I guess”. at this point, the person asking will be slightly taken aback at the less-than-positive response but hey, you’re just being honest right?

maybe it’s time to snap out of that, and by that, I don’t mean flat out lie. instead, try to focus on your own happiness a little more; if you’re not satisfied with your own life, why should anyone else be?

I know it’s not easy to be positive in the face of so much bullshit that’s beyond your control, but wallowing in self-pity and self-doubt is only going to keep you down until you eventually earn your membership in the 27 Club.

lucky for you, that doesn’t happen (otherwise I wouldn’t be able to say any of this).

you, or rather, I am currently in a place where self-acceptance is within arm’s reach. it hasn’t been all happy-sha-la-la to get to where I am today, but I shan’t go into too much detail about all that since I (or we) hate spoiling plot lines for others. you’ll exclaim, “just tell me!” but where’s the fun in knowing the ending before you’ve embarked on the rest of the journey?

just keep the following at the forefront of your mind:

1. you’re not as bad as you think you are. stop trying to convince others of your shortcomings like you always do. there’s good to be found in everything, and that includes you too.

2. focus on what you know to be your strengths and don’t be afraid to reveal them to others. there’s so much uncertainty hampering your confidence right now that it’s almost crippling. it’s not in your nature to flaunt your achievements, but it wouldn’t hurt to keep your friends updated right?

3. failure is a necessary evil. life will never be smooth-sailing, but you’re not expected to have the route at your fingertips anyway. just learn how to navigate the ups and downs that you encounter and you’ll be on your way to somewhere.

4. I can’t say this enough, but please remember to love yourself. no one else would be able to do that wholeheartedly if you don’t do that first. you know full well how people have been driven away just because you thought yourself to be unlovable. cats aren’t counted because you’ll get to own as many as you want next time. trust me.

5. most importantly, don’t ever forget your family and your faith. they’re what you had at the beginning of your life, and they’re what you’ll carry for the rest of it too.

and with that, I shall end this verbose letter. you should have expected no less from me.

cheers and beers,
your older self.

by the way, I can see you rolling your eyes at everything I just said but believe me, it’ll work. I’m living proof!

[this post was inspired and encouraged by my friend over at Pohtecktoes. read his own letter here
more letters: Zed/NSDMDH, Luo Er/luoerchan
featured image credit: YS/Decatan]

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