I Wanna See Your Peacock.

Last December, I decided to get off my procrastinating arse and redo the colour in my already abused hair. Since the last update, I had rebleached it at the end of July to get the green remnants out and even toned it with silver toned bleach, but it just turned into a brassy orange colour (typical).


circa Nov 2013 in Cingjing, Taiwan with a kitty visitor to our B&B cabin

So this time, I used 3 colours instead of 1, and here is the result of standing for 3 hours in the bathroom, constantly washing and rewashing a hair dye comb and a pair of latex gloves…not forgetting a whole lot of aluminum foil too.

taken on 16 December 2013. using La Riche Directions Dyes – Turquoise, Atlantic Blue, Plum.

3 months on and the colour has faded into several shades of green (yes, the purple turned into navy blue, then forest green). I also just cut 2 inches off last Wednesday because I got so sick of having split ends, knots, and hair getting everywhere in general. Not sure what colour I’m going to go for next. Maybe lilac? Let me know what you think in the comments.

On a related note, I made a handy infographic (i’m using this term very loosely here) in January for Hendric/Pohtecktoes (who didn’t dye his hair purple in the end). Here it is for anyone who’s looking for tips on colouring their hair with semi-permanent dye and keeping it in for as long as possible.

photo (4)

produced in Phoster and Over for iOS.


4 Responses to “I Wanna See Your Peacock.”
  1. V says:

    That is such a gorgeous look!

  2. Hendric says:

    useful graphic indeed!

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