Lonerism: Bangkok, Day 2

I’m on a boat!

spent my first proper day here exploring the Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaew. I wasn’t too keen on it at first since I had visited when I was 10, but it didn’t matter as I couldn’t remember much of it (only the fact that my mum insisted I wear berms instead of jeans and had to borrow a hip wrap because that was inappropriate). also, it entailed having to take a boat up the Chao Praya River, so why the heck not?

made my way to Saphan Taksin which is on the same BTS line as National Stadium. the boat system is a little confusing at first as they come from both directions and some piers only have one queue. a little bit of observation helped, and things were smooth sailing (pun totally intended) after the initial ride to Tha Chang.


awkward me didn’t get breakfast before setting off. figured there would be food at some point, and I was right! there’s a market at Tha Chang pier that sells food, fresh produce, etc.


really simple steamed rice with red chilli chicken, 60 baht. the tea was from another stall, 30 baht.


walk right out of the market and you’ll immediately see the white palace wall. cross the road and continue in the same direction to reach the main entrance.

they’re on horses.

the palace and temple were opulent and sparkly in the crazy noon sun. went round the entire mural too.



gee nature, you scary!


also checked out the Pavilion of Regalia, Royal Decorations and Coins, as well as the Queen Sirikit Museum of Textiles because (1) they’re included in your 500 baht admission (it’s no longer 400 baht!) and (2) there’s aircon. I repeat. AIRCON.

I really enjoyed walking around the textile museum which is a small space, but the garments on display were beautiful and intricately embroidered/embellished. it’s super cool that Queen Sirikit worked with Pierre Balmain and François Lesage on so many outfits, and the patterns on the fabric really soothed my OCD self too.

another unexpected find was the weapons museum. there are two — one on either side of Chakri Maha Prasat Hall. first one was filled with swords and daggers, the other contained firearms. no photos are allowed in a lot of places, so no bad ass pics to show y’all.

hopped back on the boat to check out Chinatown. I was expecting a ton of food stalls and lots of Chinese decor but nope. walked through the entire textile street that was filled with cloth, hair accessories, jewellery, etc. decided to turn back via Yaowarat Road which is the main road, I’m guessing? stumbled upon a hole in the wall cafe and got a big matcha latte for 50 baht.


after returning to Lub.d to recover from the day, I went in search of Jiang fishball noodles in the basement of Siam Paragon (according to my colleague) but all I saw was carpark, so I landed in the Paragon Foodhall instead. forget those pricey eateries on the same floor. this is affordable and there’s a good selection too AND they have tissue dispensers at every table. not sure if they accept cash, but I got myself a Foodhall card. refunds on the same day only FYI.

red tomyam fishball noodles with the japanese-style egg omg. 80 baht.

tried to walk dinner off around Siam Square.

hello kitties! (there actually is a Hello Kitty Cafe at Siam Square One).

followed by a massage at Lek Massage. found it from Lady Iron Chef’s post, and it’s right at Siam Square Soi 6. convenient. decided to go for the oil massage (500 baht) because I want to relax (ha) and it was pretty decent! my left arm is wrecked and it felt so good when my hands were kneaded.

after 1 hr of nua-ing, I went from Soi 6 to Soi 3 for MANGO TANGO. I’m not even kidding when I say that I came back here especially for this. it’s seriously awesome. don’t miss it when you’re in Bangkok. I ordered the fresh mango with ice cream, pudding, and extra sticky rice. crazy for one person but I don’t care.

I was hungry by 10pm but decided to sleep it off and prepare for Day 3..

all photos shot and edited on the iPhone 5S (&VSCOcam).

2 Responses to “Lonerism: Bangkok, Day 2”
  1. How great is Bangkok? I like your photos. I miss Thai mango.

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