Lonerism: Bangkok, Day 3

today = designated shopping day.

had a quick brunch at the nearby cafe ‘A Journey’, then caught the BTS to Chit Lom station. if you really want to avoid as much sun exposure as possible (jokes), go up the stairs to Central World and continue along the airy walkway.

you’ll still have to turn in to the mall and take the lift down, but hey it’s hot out there.

I’m sure most of you know how to get to Platinum.

breezed through both buildings in 5 hours (could be less). employed the “if you see it and like it, just buy it cos you’ll never find it again” strategy. that, coupled with the “you’re really not missing much” mentality helped tons. I managed to find some nice things, and amongst them, THIS:

saw this when I was here 3 years ago but passed on it cos I didn’t know if I would need it. turns out that it would’ve come in handy on my many trips to Australia. well, WATCH OUT MELBOURNE (in November).

crossed over to check out Shibuya19 but the place is kinda half closed? many shops had emptied out and there was hardly anyone around. I got out of there fast.

eh Nina, you got shop ah?

went to Naraya at Central World on the way back to the hostel. it’s like a pilgrimage for visitors to Bangkok or something, and while I was in there it felt more like the Amazing Race. got out of there fast, too.

somebody there had a Gudetama suitcase. I NEED DIS.

headed back to the hostel for a break from the heat.

it’s mad.

installation outside the Bangkok Art & Culture Centre. there was a giant tiger head 3 years back.

had an early dinner again since I skipped lunch (no thanks to the heat and a huge cup of bubble tea). headed to Som Tam Nua, a colleague’s recommendation. they’re known for their papaya salad (som tam), and I was told that the fried chicken wings are awesome.

som tam, original version.

dem wings!

challenge accepted.

I’m no connoisseur of Thai food but I think it was all pretty darn good. especially that dark sauce. what is this soy/chilli/etc goodness??

sorry bout the bones..

decided to leave After You and Mango Tango round 2 to my last day (wish me luck), forgo a leg massage, and just go back to chill.

well, not before buying a skirt from the street night market. I’m aware that it looks like the MJC uniform but look, I’m 27, not 17.

stallholders setting up around 6pm. the crowd at 8pm was too intense for photos.

oh and I should mention that finally, I have made friends with people who live in the same dorm room as me. there’s Joy from Taiwan and Katarzyna from Poland. Rina from HK left this morning so I’m guessing she got her passport sorted.

full day of hipsterdom ahead tomorrow. I can’t even..

all photos shot and edited on the iPhone 5S (& VSCOcam).

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